My Vision

Have you ever read a book you paid for that wasn’t worth the money you spent on it? You felt cheated with time and money. At the same time, there are books that you’ve paid for that were worth the money and time you spent to read them. As both a writer and a reader, I’ve come across both situations.

I’ve always been the type to stay at a library, go to the local bookstore, or search for ebooks. I’m the type to get excited over a good plot or idea. I’ve read a lot of writers that I can’t wait to read their next installment (whether it be a post, poem, chapter, article, or story) and get happy when I get new material from them. Because I am as much of an avid reader as I am a writer, I understand that excitement.

So I’m here as a reader and a writer to take a stand for:

  • those that felt cheated out of their money
  • those that wanted to read the next book, chapter, post, article, poem, or story, but they didn’t have any spare money to purchase it
  • those that had to wait another year for the next book to come out
  • those that sat for hours in the bookstores trying to figure out what book or books to get and which books to put on your mental wishlist/’to read’ list
  • those that took out armloads of library books to scratch that itch and had a running tab of overdue books

I never liked the publishing industry much and opted for the self-publishing route. Down the line, I will self-publish ebooks for a price. However, I will offer those same stories on my website. Some people may ask why I would do something like that. The answer is simple. I never wanted to pay for something that I didn’t even like so why would I do this to others. If people like my stories and they would like a portable ebook version, they’ll be able to enjoy it in this type of format as well.

So this is for my readers and fans of my work, I hope to deliver a full library of my stories that have no due dates or time restraints. You can come back any time you want. You can read these stories on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile device. So grab a coffee or a hot chocolate and sit down!

All I ask is for your time and patience.


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