Forbidden Love

Title: Forbidden Love
Author: Mae M.G.
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Rating: MA, for sexual content, coarse language, and violence

Warning: vampire

Ever since she had set eyes upon him, Ophelia Lyons has been mesmerized by Lord Dante Rhys. The Rhys family has been entrusted in overseeing the welfare and the laws of vampire society dubbed by the Underground Society Council. In a world where vampires and otherworldly creatures exist alongside of humans, the Lyons family has long served the Rhys family in protecting from them at all costs. Ophelia is set to follow her father's footsteps until that fateful day when the eldest son of the Rhys family stopped by her father's estate. That day on, her heart yearns for someone that she can never truly have, believing that one of her sisters hold the right to indulge in him.

Lord Dante Rhys had come across Ophelia when she was still a young vampire. He had come to his personal bodyguard's house to form a powerful alliance between the Rhys family and the Lyons family. Long had the Lyons family served and protected his family line. As a token of gratitude, Dante's father had promised a match unifying both family lines. Although, Master Lyons had tried to sway his father, both his father and himself had assured him that it was necessary for uniting both families out of respect and gratitude.  The moment his eyes had come across her, he had known that this young vampire would be his wife.

How will Ophelia and Dante's tale come together?

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“Master Lyons, I am grateful for you extending an invitation to take refuge here.”

His voice was smooth like honey. Ophelia had been taking a morning stroll in their estate's garden when she came across her father welcoming an influential man, she presumed, into their estate. She had been passing through the stone archway into the courtyard when she came to an abrupt halt. A man sat regally upon his black stallion. He was accompanied by a group of men that she realized were his bodyguards. He had a warrior garb on that shielded his face except his dark teal eyes with flecks of copper and bronze tones.

As the man dismounted off his horse, Ophelia walked towards her older sisters standing on the side of the porch. She almost stumbled when the man tugged off the cloth covering his face. The man was ruggedly handsome. His dark locks fell into his face and eyes. The slight growth of beard on his face only enhanced his masculine appeal.

Ophelia cursed herself for her clumsiness when the man's eyes slid over to her. Her cheeks to redden in embarrassment. The man eyed her for a moment before he turned his attention back to her father.

“Ah, girls,” her father said with a sigh. “Please welcome Lord Dante Rhys and his guards into our home. They will be staying here for awhile.”

Her two sister were quick to spring forward to be introduced to the powerful lord. Ophelia's eyes widened in shock as she realized who this man was. Even at the tender age of sixteen, Ophelia knew of the man and his lineage as did her sisters.

Lysette was the first to be introduced and then Mona. Both of her sisters were of age and more than willing to entertain Lord Rhys. Ophelia sighed, knowing she wasn't as glorious as her sisters, who had inherited their mother's blond hair and blue eyes. Somehow, she had manage to inherit her father's dark unruly hair and gray eyes. She knew she didn't stand a chance compared to her sisters, but it was still necessary to make his acquaintance.

“This,” my father gestured to her with an affectionately warm smile. “This is my youngest, Ophelia.”

Lord Rhys once again fixed his steady gaze on her. Ophelia could tell he was observing her closely. He didn't offer her the same gesture as he did with her sisters, who he had lifted their hands and kissed their knuckles. She bit her lip as he ventured closer to her and slowly began to circle her until he stopped in front of her. Why couldn't she ever have a normal introduction like her sisters?

“Can I trust you to be on your guard and be my supreme protector?”

His question burned into her mind as his eyes burned into her eyes straight into her soul. Her tongue felt heavy. Her mouth refused to open. Instead of conveying confidence, she failed and showed weakness. Humiliated, she blushed then quickly looked away. She gasped when he lifted her chin and looked straight into her eyes again.

“Lesson one -- never submit to anyone,” he told her gently. His eyes continued to bore into hers. Something flared in his eyes that she had seen many times before, but it never had been directed at her. As quickly as they came, his impulses and emotions shuttered off. “You will do well. Once you have the proper training, you should excel with your innate skills.”

With that, he returned his attention to her father and the moment between them was gone. She realized that she would never be seen as a lady to court in his eyes. Before this, she would've been overjoyed that she wasn't sought after by thousands of suitors as her sisters often were. As she watched her father and Lord Rhys walk inside, she felt the painful ache of longing and unrequited love brewing within her heart.