Forbidden Love

Ever since she had set eyes upon him, Ophelia Lyons has been mesmerized by Lord Dante Rhys. The Rhys family has been entrusted in overseeing the welfare and the laws of vampire society dubbed by the Underground Society Council. In a world where vampires and otherworldly creatures exist alongside of humans, the Lyons family has long served the Rhys family in protecting from them at all costs. Ophelia is set to follow her father's footsteps until that fateful day when the eldest son of the Rhys family stopped by her father's estate. That day on, her heart yearns for someone that she can never truly have, believing that one of her sisters hold the right to indulge in him.

Lord Dante Rhys had come across Ophelia when she was still a young vampire. He had come to his personal bodyguard's house to form a powerful alliance between the Rhys family and the Lyons family. Long had the Lyons family served and protected his family line. As a token of gratitude, Dante's father had promised a match unifying both family lines. Although, Master Lyons had tried to sway his father, both his father and himself had assured him that it was necessary for uniting both families out of respect and gratitude.  The moment his eyes had come across her, he had known that this young vampire would be his wife.

How will Ophelia and Dante's tale come together?


Rating: MA, for sexual content, coarse language, and violence
Genre: Paranormal Romance/ Werewolves
Warnings (if there are any): ménage à trois (f/m/m pairing)

Catalina Lilly has only loved two men -- Nikolai (Nik) and Ambrose Herrera, her Alpha's identical twin sons. Werewolves weren't monogamous but polygamous until they were mated with their true mate. Once they found their true mate, they would be bound together forever in a monogamous union. Knowing that she was just a lover to both of them, she knew it was better to come to terms with the reality that some day they would find their separate true mates. Sparing herself the eventual heartbreak, she left her heart back with the only men she would ever love and joined the Tracker Guard unit.

The Tracker Guard unit is a lethal group of werewolves in the pact that kept an eye out on the boundaries. They were rarely ever seen since they were always making sure the territory was secured. If the territory wasn’t secured, they were the first line to protect. They were also their Alpha’s personal body guards and would be the ones sent out on dangerous missions.

After five long years, she finally encounters the men she left behind. How will they react? Will they even notice her at all? Would they even care? To her heartbreak, they barely acknowledged her in their first encounter...

But have they truly forgotten her?